Healthcare Initiatives

Group Appointments
Group Appointments (GAs), also called Group Medical Visits or Shared Medical Appointments, exist in various forms. Typically, a team of clinicians works together to care for eight to twelve patients during a 60 to 120 minute appointment. Recent research continues to demonstrate the ability of GAs to positively affect patients' health. Group Appointments provide benefits to both clinicians and patients that are not possible in a traditional one-to-one consultation..

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Exercise is Medicine
If a single medicine could prevent and reduce countless diseases would you prescribe it? Countless studies speak to the health benefits of being active. Exercise may not be as easy as taking a pill, but it sure can be more enjoyable.

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Chronic Illnesses
Chronic illnesses hurt loved ones. Sixteen percent of all Canadians have a long-term limitation or handicap that interferes with their activity at home, school, or work. Chronic illnesses also hurt our economy. Over 54 billion dollars annually is lost in productivity. It doesn’t have to be this way.

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Current Projects
The CCGA is working with family physicians in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia on the development of Canadian evidence around Group Appointments and diabetes care. In early 2014, local clinicians and researcher will initiate a pilot RCT to evaluate the effectiveness of Group Appointments on diabetes care amongst older adults. This RCT will be the first of its kind in Canada.

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